My son in the beach

5 Jun


1 Jun

My hockey club organized an match Dutch ladies against Great Britain, prep for RIO

My niece with the most famous players:

Richard Hemker HOOGMOED

23 May

Vriend Richard brengt zijn 2e boek uit:

De doop van het boek met een geweldige toespraak van de schrijver:

2016-05-19 17.29.07



17 May

And my family (mother side) hosted a Pétanque tournament. Good fun!

My family Lamberts had to perform in the Concertgebouw yesterday 

World stage for their choir!

My grandfathers brand!

4 May

Weekend Zeeland

1 May

After having shown Asia to our kids now we show them the Netherlands

After weekend R’am Zeeland is on our list!

James in Amsterdam

1 May

My Beijing buddy visiting