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Maldives, Maafushi: burkas & bikinis

29 Apr

As our travelbudget doesn’t cover fancy (and boring) islandresorts, we do Maldives local. Small guest houses are allowed on inhabited local islands since 2009. This results in a funny mix of foreign tourists and muslim locals: no alcohol on the island (but a booze-boat just outside the harbor), no bikinis allowed (but ok on a secluded part of the beach with fence), bikinis on one side, burkas on the other… 






29 Apr
While traveling we do 1 and half hour of homework everyday, thanks to the help of former teachers providing reading apps and other material and some dutch & english books we keep up in this competitive world.


But all the impressions, foreign musea, day trips, connections with many different people might be more of a learning experience than any school can provide.

After homework sleep in the park:

Kandy botanical garden 

Malidives: Boat & snorkling tour

28 Apr

Stingrays, fish and fish, matarays, reefsharks, turtles, endless skies, wow!


And major sunburn after the trip 😞

Maldives, Male: National museum Maldives

28 Apr

Amazing what is on display here:

Typwriter 1980. Floppy disk, drums and keyboard 🙂


Small museum, we always try to visit the national museum of a country. Maldives  National museum was fun, small and interesting.

Maldives, Maafushi: Rubbish sunrise

28 Apr

Maldives beautiful BUT also public dumb of rubbish on many pristine islands. Walk 10 meters from the white beach and you will find:

Although it was a beautiful sunrise

Bedspace kitchen

25 Apr

We had great dinner yesterday, shared table with 10 other people, 4 courses Srilankan ingredients western fusion style by cook from New Zealand, great mixotoligist making great cocktails. 


Sri Lanka, Dambulla

25 Apr

Another sweaty climb in Dambulla to the beautiful cave-temple there. There are a total of 153 Buddha statues to admire. 

Got told off for uncovering my legs too soon. And as always: foreigners pay heeps, locals about 1/10 off the price or nothing, nice buddist way of thinking… Getting used to it 🙂