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Maldives, Maafushi: burkas & bikinis

29 Apr

As our travelbudget doesn’t cover fancy (and boring) islandresorts, we do Maldives local. Small guest houses are allowed on inhabited local islands since 2009. This results in a funny mix of foreign tourists and muslim locals: no alcohol on the island (but a booze-boat just outside the harbor), no bikinis allowed (but ok on a secluded part of the beach with fence), bikinis on one side, burkas on the other… 






29 Apr
While traveling we do 1 and half hour of homework everyday, thanks to the help of former teachers providing reading apps and other material and some dutch & english books we keep up in this competitive world.


But all the impressions, foreign musea, day trips, connections with many different people might be more of a learning experience than any school can provide.

After homework sleep in the park:

Kandy botanical garden 

Malidives: Boat & snorkling tour

28 Apr

Stingrays, fish and fish, matarays, reefsharks, turtles, endless skies, wow!


And major sunburn after the trip 😞

Maldives, Male: National museum Maldives

28 Apr

Amazing what is on display here:

Typwriter 1980. Floppy disk, drums and keyboard 🙂


Small museum, we always try to visit the national museum of a country. Maldives  National museum was fun, small and interesting.

Maldives, Maafushi: Rubbish sunrise

28 Apr

Maldives beautiful BUT also public dumb of rubbish on many pristine islands. Walk 10 meters from the white beach and you will find:

Although it was a beautiful sunrise

Bedspace kitchen

25 Apr

We had great dinner yesterday, shared table with 10 other people, 4 courses Srilankan ingredients western fusion style by cook from New Zealand, great mixotoligist making great cocktails. 


Sri Lanka, Dambulla

25 Apr

Another sweaty climb in Dambulla to the beautiful cave-temple there. There are a total of 153 Buddha statues to admire. 

Got told off for uncovering my legs too soon. And as always: foreigners pay heeps, locals about 1/10 off the price or nothing, nice buddist way of thinking… Getting used to it 🙂


Beijing meets Holland

24 Apr

thank you Bas & Jaap!

2 of my friends meet for the first time and exchange suitcases.

Now we have our keys to the house and fresh clothes upon arrival in the NL.


Sri Lanka, Sigiriya

23 Apr

We knew the old kingdoms were good watermanagers. They even got it to the palace on this 200 meter high rock.  Speaking of water: I think we lost some on our climb up…. 


Sri Lanka Ella: Walking the track

22 Apr

After enjoying the train ride we walked the railway track for several miles.

When we came to Ella station to find an interesting sign but no abundant present railway personal bothered.