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Cambodia, Battambang: Phare Again

20 Mar

1500 young people KG – primairy – high school

5 art studies, music, visual, painting, circus 

We saw their performance in Siem Reap, visited their home base in Battambang. Great NGO started by Cambodians helping youngsters with war trauma’s.



Cambodia, Battambang: Bamboo train

18 Mar

Great ride on the Bamboo train. Only one way, so somebody has to move his shute out of the way. To bad at the end of the ride we find the expected tourist trap with kids selling cheap stuff and shops with predictable souvenirs. Fun talking to the local kiddies though. 

This overrun snake becomes our drivers afternoon-snack. Bag-it and soup-it!

Cambodia, Siem Reap another 75 km

18 Mar

Biking Cambodia, 12 century bridge, dried padies waiting for rainy season,  marriage on a Sunday, Honda buffalo used for everything, family car carrying 5! 

Khmer rouge

17 Mar

My first confrontation with the Khmer rouge regime & civil war; climbed a hill that has caves were over 10.000 people got murdered. Bones piled up when walking down the path into the caves.

On the mountain above temples.

Cambodia ,Siem Reap, Phare Ponleu Selpak

17 Mar

The kids got all excited when we visited a circus

This circus saves children check it out: 

Phare circus

Great stuff, we are now in Batambang where they train the kids, will visit this site tomorrow.

Real Camodia

15 Mar

Went on a bike for 80km ride today

Scarycrows to fend of the bad ghosts

Great views, many small farms along the way, lunch at place, turned out to be i was 3th white guy in their live to come through village and stop to get something from their store/restaurant: papaya salad with chili, garlic and tamarind

Brown sugar from palm tree, cliimb up , you see the guy in the tree? Cut, take down from at least 15 trees, cook for several hours, can sell for 3-5 $ worth palm sugar

Rice to dry and bottles filled with gazoine for scooters

Cambodia, Siem Reap: Temples of Angkor

14 Mar

Ta Bakheng, thé sunset spot. Not alone though…

Angkor Wat, the famous one.

Angkor Thom, smiling faces

Ta Prohm, Tomb Raider’s one