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Phnom Penh: Killing fields Cambodia

25 Mar

Gruesome, cloth surfaced from a burial pit, was asked not to step on bones. One third of all Cambodian people died in 4 years, famine, murder, warfare ….

All visitors walked silently, horrified


Cambodia, Kep: boattrip to Rabbit island

24 Mar

According to the locals it has this nickname because the shape of this island resembles a rabbit. 

According to our travel guide it’s a  good example what too much local booze can do to your imagination…

Anyway, nice relaxed day on easygoing ‘rabbit Island’. Hammocks, massage, fresh crab. And don’t forget your moto and chicken breast on the way back ­čÖé

Cambodia: Real hike in Kep national park

23 Mar

Great views, serious hiking, kids you were awesome! 3 and 1/2 hours on difficult terrain, chapeau!

Termites, spiders, dogs and monkeys. But the big promise at the end, The Led Zep Cafe, to chill and fuel up again was closed, boo!

Cambodia, Kep

23 Mar

Once known as the ‘St. tropez of South-East Asia’, this glamorous resort town fell into ruin and the town’s left-overs still bear the scars of Cambodia’s horrific past. But this tiny town is once again booming. Relaxing is the key!

Feels great, hanging out at the beach. Locals hitting the water fully dressed, little kids butt-naked. Playing in the waves with inflated inner tubes of cars.

Pauke found a restaurant with great tapas at the beach, kids loved our little hang out.

Spotted attraction no. 6 (according to tripadvisor), Kep’s mascotte and most loved animal (to eat!), the crab-statue!

Well, it’s a crappy crab…And ehm…kep Kep clean (hopefully a word -joke on purpose, but you never know with Asians)


23 Mar

Markets around Cambodia

Fresh poultry, veggies and little restaurants in market halls 


Cambodia, Sihanoukville: Sunset & reality

21 Mar


 And just 100 mtr from beach where new resorts are build the workers live in shaggs: 


Cambodia, ┬áSihanoukville: Staring at the sea all day

20 Mar


Sea, water, massage for Maj and Pauke, castle building, juices and good curries, swim, reading, pleasures of live. After serious travel pace a full day of relaxation.´╗┐