Rest In Peace dear friend

9 Feb

Sunday afternoon devastating news hit our little community: David Butler had died. David has been part of our community in Beijing for 2 years.  David, his wife and 2 young daughters had just left Beijing 10 days ago to live and work in Shanghai. David was a great guy, great father & husband and with his english wit gave many evenings a special touch. David you will be missed. Deborah, Isabella & Rosa our thoughts are with you. farewell juli 12 2014 The photo shows happier days, David front right and I organised farewell diner and drinks for friends july 12th 2014. This photo takes on a whole new meaning now. Some of our friends instantly left for Shanghai to support Deborah and the Beijing community showed strenght holding eachother whole Sunday besides providing all kind off support, intelligence and connections to Deborah. To quote a friend: ‘it’s what makes our time special in China’.

One Response to “Rest In Peace dear friend”

  1. Nicky February 12, 2015 at 7:41 pm #

    Goodbye David

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