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羊年快乐!Happy year of the goat!

19 Feb

Springfestival is here!


Across the road in Dongyue Temple.


18 Feb

IMG_5317 IMG_5315

Temple of Heaven during Chinese Newyear holiday. No people, blue skies!

Today a working day, my last Sunday I need to work in China…

15 Feb

We have this weird working days in China.

To have a full week of for Chinese new-year we have to work this Sunday so we can be free for a full week.

Difficult to explain to Dutch that insist on non-working weekends.

I calculated the days I spend at customers & travel last in 2014: 28 Saturdays or Sundays, besides leaving Sunday night to travel for early morning appointments somewhere in China.

Will be cold turkey if I will start working in NL again or….

Farewell party Friday 13th

15 Feb

February 13th we organized farewell party for our Beijing friends. We asked them to bring their own lights and help us get rid of all liquids 🙂

We can only say mission accomplished, all beer, liquor and Dutch meat balls & sate sauce were dealt with at 4 in the morning . We danced, drunk and had a toast to remember our dear friend David (+ 8-2-2015)  and my dad (+ 13-2-2003). We are grateful we were part of the Beijing expat community last 3 years. Many new friendships that we cherish and are committed to invest in! 2015-02-15 081

Last schoolday BCIS

13 Feb

IMG_5316 IMG_5318

Goodbye to BCIS, the kids school for the last 3 years. It’s a wonderful place; new discoveries, great experiences, nice friendships. We’ll miss it!

Rest In Peace dear friend

9 Feb

Sunday afternoon devastating news hit our little community: David Butler had died. David has been part of our community in Beijing for 2 years.  David, his wife and 2 young daughters had just left Beijing 10 days ago to live and work in Shanghai. David was a great guy, great father & husband and with his english wit gave many evenings a special touch. David you will be missed. Deborah, Isabella & Rosa our thoughts are with you. farewell juli 12 2014 The photo shows happier days, David front right and I organised farewell diner and drinks for friends july 12th 2014. This photo takes on a whole new meaning now. Some of our friends instantly left for Shanghai to support Deborah and the Beijing community showed strenght holding eachother whole Sunday besides providing all kind off support, intelligence and connections to Deborah. To quote a friend: ‘it’s what makes our time special in China’.

Temple restaurant revisited

7 Feb

In a 700 years old temple Pauke and I enjoyed a great lunch. French style 3 hours of sharing time, amazing dishes, fantastic wines, great setting, service spelled with CAPITALS and exclamation mark!

2015-02-7 022

Jiaozi (dumplings)

7 Feb

Suping makes the best Jiaozi’s in town! Luuk suggest she opens up a restaurant in Holland. Some like them fried some boiled.



Kung Fu fighting!

2 Feb


Kids with sticks…dangerous!