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Taoyan de Laowai shuo (a horrible foreigner speaks):

31 Jan

Again the Chinese government made it more difficult to go on the WWW for Chinese citizens. WWW in China is becoming like a intranet. In a time where we need communication and collaboration to drive innovation Xi and his communist gang are shutting down the free internet and attack even more western/free internet sites/thinking. Thank you for attacking our VPN provider, thank you for making sure your fellow country men stay blind and thank you for your relentless efforts to steal and attack other free nations, thank your for unfair competition, thank you for promoting dangerous nationalism, thank you for NOT educating your people in free speech and independent thinking, thank you for blocking BBC world when HongKong is on the news, thank you for pushing English out of the curriculum in many high schools, thank you for the new regulations for foreign companies to provide the government backdoors into Hardware and Software! Thank you Education Minister Yuan Guiren for new rules restricting the use of Western textbooks and banning those sowing “Western values” + “Propaganda and ideological work in higher education must make instruction in ideals and convictions its primary task,” Zhu Shanlu, the Communist Party secretary of Peking University.

THANK YOU for making the world a better place!

Go to for a sneak preview in the daily war on free clicks…. here you can check whether a website is blocked. Our blog for instance is blocked.

Mao is still on Tiananmen Square, what will be left if this picture is taken down? What legitimizes the Communist Party? What is the new guiding doctrine? Why are all western text books under review at this very moment? Why is there a intellectual war going on the legal the Communist Cadre? Who is going to take over the cadre that has been put aside by the war on corruption? Is keep-the-enemy-out the only doctrine left?

Western governments: protect your citizens and did sell out hard fought for values for a few RMB.

Een volk dat door tirannen zwicht zal meer verliezen……

Little musicians

29 Jan

Got Luuk and Maj  into music classes this semester. Luuk playing acoustic guitar and Maj on the piano.

Great first performance.

IMG_5138 IMG_5139

Temple restaurant

29 Jan


While I was still in comfortable denial and having a great lunch at the beautiful Temple Restaurant…it suddenly  turns in a Goodbye-Beijing one. Pfffffff…countdown!

Thanks Barbara, Dieuwertje and Josine!

Last month in Beijing!

28 Jan

We are leaving Beijing in exactly one month from now. We are getting ready, planning farewell party, start thinking of what to pack in air freight and sea container. Having several good bey diners and drinks already.

Enjoying my time at the moment, handing over work to the local team, time to contemplate new endeavors and most of all prepare for our 3 months sabbatical!

Kids talk about farewell parties and when they visit their Beijing friends all over the world, the constant in their live last 3 years has been saying hello and good bey to many friends, now their turn is coming up.

and I’m on a job hunt, since i have none upon my return…….


Beautiful Amsterdam snow! & Barcelona Sagrada Familia

24 Jan



Dutch weekend at Houhai

20 Jan

In the meantime in Beijing…

No questions here if the ice will be thick enough to ice-skate, just say when! Fun again with the Dutch Club; ice-skate races, gluwein, hot chocolate and “snert” (our famous green-peasoup). We paid our way in with smuggled-in “rook worst” (smoked sausage). 1 sausage per person :-).


After sporting finally  the long-waited-for “hen-da-de” (chinese for: very big) cotton candy.

It was a challenge to eat it, not because of the size but because of the strong wind…blew it almost away!

Beautiful @ 10km over Europe

19 Jan


Feng Tai

15 Jan

feng tai 1feng tai 2

Every friday me & some friends go help out in a local orphanage in Feng Tai district. It is home to around 70 children ranging from infants to early teens. The majority of these children have been born with congenital medical problems such as cleft lip/palate, heart disease, Spina bifida, Down’s syndrome, encephalitis and cerebral palsy. Feng Tai takes in orphans who are stricken with serious illness and disabilities and those who are abandoned and helps care for them and provides many with medical care and surgeries, if necessary.

China says it has 576,000 orphans in its child welfare system, though outside groups put the number at closer to a million. The parents who abandon them either cannot afford treatment or feel an inability to cope with raising a child who has special needs. In some cases an unwanted baby can sometimes be a healthy girl, reflecting the country’s one-child policy and its preference for sons. The children, when found, will be given a new name; 1 part chosen, 1 part the year they were found, 1 part the location where they were found.

The children live here, but this orphanage is special as it provides relevant and meaningful education to many of the disadvantaged children who cannot go to the local schools. For a couple of hours we get to interact with the children…playing, drawing, singing, dancing, feeding and just cuddling with them. Seeing the happiness, pride and personal development in the children is great. The more fortunate orphans might find themselves in foster families or adopted, mainly to the States, some to Europe. This month even 5 children from Feng Tai left Beijing to live with their new families. It has been very special for me to meet these amazing kids, helping them transition, teaching them some english or just make them at ease with “foreigners”, giving them some 1-on-1 attention & love.

feng tai 3

50 days

15 Jan

we have less than 50 days left in China!

looking forward to start our 3 months of travel and feeling grateful to have met many great people, enjoyed working with Chinese teams and customers.

will keep you posted!

Happy 2015!

4 Jan