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28 Dec

Met oma El naar de Efteling!



Amsterdam light festival

26 Dec

All the kids at the grandparents… strolling Amsterdam, just the two of us.


For the Beijingers

26 Dec

For our friends who want to come and visit us in the future…must-do in Amsterdam for tourists 🙂 :
– cheese & cheesy souvenirs
– sexmuseum (especially for Jim)
– hash museum
– taking a leak the “Dutch way”

Merry Christmas

26 Dec




16 Dec

Playing at “Jeugdland”:
Kids-made skelters, great!
Playgrounds like this: nowhere to find in China…
The little emperors might hurt themselves…and it doesn’t move by itselve, where to put the money in?


New artworks under our bridge…


Old buddies

15 Dec

Touchdown in The Netherlands again.
Jetlag makes kids early risers. Decorating cakes at 7.30 in the morning…


Farewell a fact of life

8 Dec

Again we had a farewell gathering at our favorite coffee place, early morning, hugs & tears & commitments to meet somewhere…

Thank you Jason and Lori for your friendship. Luuk had great 3 years with Ella in the same school, enjoy Kansas city, I hear it is THE place to be in Colorado.

Thank you Jim and Kate for all the fun we had each morning and sharing of China experiences, safe travel to Melbourne and happy to invite you to Amsterdam  to really make it happen this time.

farewell again

pitty Josie isn’t in this picture.


7 Dec

1949 – 2014



Sinterklaas 2014

6 Dec

He also came to Beijing!

2014-12-05 016

I was in NL and GER for 92 hours

4 Dec

Quick trip to NL and Germany, job hunting and had some hours to visit my pregnant sister, met Elise while checking progress and Jaap, Rijk and Kaat.

Hope to have more time to meet all of you during Christmas period2014-12-04 050