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Beaujolais et Fois Gras

30 Nov

Merci a vous Guy, Hěn Gāo Xìnɡ Rèn Shí Nǐ

Pauke et moi sons tres heureux vous et Carolien venez a Beijing. Votre Fois gras ets magnifique!

Bonne Noel et dāi huì jiàn!

I made your fois gras myself and can tell the feedback i got was great, i shared with some friends at CP and they all loved it!

2014-12-04 009

Underworld is having a anniversary so they produce some great music again

20 Nov

This blog post is for my UNDERWORLD friends. Are we already that old, 25 years ago….? No we can still dance into the night on this remix I’m sure. SO ENJOY:

Constant hello & farewell

20 Nov

Living an expat live means saying hello and goodbey every week. This means you connect in high speed, intense communication to make optimal use of limited time available, party hard, plan diners/parties within a day and move on, be as open as possible to make instant decisions on: do I want to see this person again & spend (limited available) time, what can I offer and get to make it work and what can I get….

It is a high adrenaline life, very addictive as well. You can imagine I’m not really looking forward to come back….. (more on that later)….

One example below of a great farewell party. We will miss you Xavier & Helen!

This photo shot at dancefloor late Friday night just before we decided to go clubbing,  but rest assured I was playing with the kids early Sunday morning after 3 1/2 hours of sleep living on great memories so Pauke could sleep in a little on Sunday morning.

2014-11-19 005


Beijing from space

19 Nov


bj space


on an non-smoggy day I assume…


Under construction

16 Nov


Crazy construction work going on around our corner. Apparently they’re fixing Asia’s largest LED-skyscreen right above them at The Place Mall.

Shanghai from above

11 Nov

Visiting the highest tower: Shanghai World Financial Center aka “the Bottleopener”, glass bottom on the 100th floor. For now at least still the highest, the next highest is about to open.

Shanghai’s 3 highest lined up…

View from the 100th floor.

Shanghai biking

11 Nov

Touring through the old Shanghai.
French Concession, Fuxing park.



Tianzefang, narrow streets, lots of shopping!


Little antique-market


Funny pet-market with birds, grass hoppers, fish and a buckets full of worms…



Shanghai by night

11 Nov

Night out with Marc & Shauna.
Cocktails with view on the Bund.


2014-11-13 100

Shanghai, a room with a view.

10 Nov

Staying over at Marc & Shauna’s. Pudong side with a great view.


Kids catching up with Alden & Grainne.
Exploring Shanghai together on a Gangster-tour in the French Concession.


Shanghai, the Bund

10 Nov

The “smoggy” one…