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Moon festival

9 Sep

The Chinese have a national holiday celebrating the harvest during Moon festival. Factories are closed, whole of China has the day off, no traffic, great conditions for a blue sky bike-ride.
Never had a bigger group than this, laowai-entertainment for the locals.
Great pics from Pete!


Relaxed hutong life vs hutong demolishment. Old area’s teared down, to be rebuild as probably fake “Disney World” style.




Lantern terra-cotta warriors

6 Sep

Spotted some terra-cotta warriors a Today Art Museum close to school. Looking good! When is the illumination? Nobody knows…no info on the internet, weChat etc…bugger!

Found this though: once made for the 2008 olympics, they are traveling the world now. For now back in the Jing.


This is how it looked it other cities:


BCIS grade 4 Luuk’s class

1 Sep

Everyone is a minority. Luuk is the only dutch…Get used to it!

school luuk class