22 Sep

45 minutes by subway, 30 minutes bullet-train and you hit Tianjin, Beijing’s “harbor”. Actually, you still need another 20km to see the sea, but it’s a great escape out of the capital. Lots of european influences because many countries had their own legation quarters here. Cruising the streets on funny, little china-bikes spotting christian churches, german bakeries and architecture we know so well. Following the footsteps of Pu Yi, China’s last emperor, who lived in Tianjin for a few years after he was forced to leave the Forbidden City in Beijing.




For some reason (big meeting with important people) the English legation quarter was closed down and guarded at the end of the day. We were not allowed in anymore. Not the handiest thing if your bike rental is just located there and you have to catch a train back to Beijing. Our first attempt breaking through the barricades (ignore shouting chinese and just keep going) didn’t work. Some talking and phone calls later they let allowed us in at last.

Out was no problem 🙂


One Response to “Tianjin”

  1. Ruud Van Glabbeek September 22, 2014 at 1:49 pm #

    Wat een leuke foto’s Max en Pauke.

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