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it almost never rains in Beijing

29 Aug

2014-08-29 056

This week we had big customer event SAPSELECT. Many global leaders to join us in Beijing. Also my old boss, now global leader as well. After 3 days of customers, speeches, dinners we decided to call a day at 5 and show her Beijing, of course we went on our bikes. Embassy neigbourhood, Tian An Men, forbidden city , drum&bell tower, hutongs…. And then it started to rain, I would say the ice bucket challenge was nothing compared to it. We were soaked in 1 minute, just 500 meters form our restaurant…..


earlier that day, the first time getting wet at 8.00 already, on purpose this time for ALS disease awareness, challenged by Ties, who did it together with Luuk and other friends the day before at the yellow horse:


And the real stuff again on sunday…



25 Aug

Hoera! 6 jaar!
Cupcakes at school and entertaining 20+ kids on saturday.
Wet & wild!!!





Beijing from above

18 Aug

Watch this!






Liz & Dave

18 Aug

Saturday afternoon at Liz & Dave’s pre-weddingparty (or post-weddingparty, as they are already married). Anyway…as designer of her dress for her post-post-weddingparty next month, I was invited to join this alternative gathering. Lots of fun: music, juggling, some improvised stand-up comedy and bring-your-own beers. 🙂



Beijing on a Bike

18 Aug

2014-08-18 011

Great way to spend your Sundays in Beijing. Gather with friends, go bike Hutongs, enjoy lunch at local dumpling restaurant (mr. Shi is excellent place) stop for a drink/ice cream, go to local markets, enjoy the Houhai lakes, go into 1st court of the forbidden city, cruise the wide lanes in the embassy quarter, enjoy the day off!

Thank you Diewertje and Bas for spending time together.

Nightclub / Maggies

13 Aug

2014-07-14 073

We call it the Mongolian Embassy (most hookers are Mongolian) or Saint Margaret (code word) or just Maggies. Great live music, best Hot dogs in town and best toilet photo’s.

A place to have good laugh, dance and beers till sunrise. The life of a Beijing bachelor……

Onderstussen in Nederland

13 Aug

Ik lees in de krant afgelopen 2 weken:
– priester student bespuugd door moslims
– pro ISIS demonstranten in Schilderswijk
– scholen mogen geen moslim leraren weigeren die weigeren een hand te geven
– gescheiden zwemmen wordt in 3 Amsterdamse baden toegestaan
– in Amsterdam 200 moslim vrouwen komen enkel nog buiten onder begeleiding
– ongeveer 100 meisjes per jaar op vakantie besneden
– van de 600 lijst zijn er 400 moslim (amsterdamse lijst van criminelen)

update same day:

heb ik net deze post gedaan lees ik dit: PvdA-ambtenaar zegt dat ISIS een complot van zionisten is.

food for thought.

Home again!

7 Aug

After 4 hours delay, lost (and found!) luggage finally made it to BJ again.
All in bed by 04.30.
This was an awesome holiday!
Beautiful country!
Extra special because of the good times we shared with our Aussie-friends.

Now back to our funny expat-life.

Monday school starts…

Goodbye Australia!
Nihao Beijing!




Great Barrier Reef impressions by Ties, Maj and Luuk

Australia: last stop at Palm Cove

5 Aug

Hit the ocean with some body-boards.
Strong waves and windy, glad the life-guard is watching 🙂
Lots of fun!!!



Beach-art from Luuk and Ties


Australia: on the beach

5 Aug

Glad it’s not the stinger season…