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Reporters Sans Frontiers

30 Jun

Click to access Halgand_Written%20Testimony.pdf

Just read it, keep in mind what our prime minister saying Xi Jinping: the leader China needs! 

So i’m here just to make money not to change the Chinese, they are responsible for their own destiny.

I suggest we (The Dutch) play hard ball when it comes down to trade, innovation IP etc. The Chinese will only cooperate as long as you have something you need, be aware of this when you ask something from them or beg for a contract! Play HARD, GAME ON!


Australia winter: indoor day

29 Jun

Rain, rain, rain and a sparkle of sun.



Living in China

27 Jun

1890 Portarlington Road

27 Jun

Nice spot to hang out for 3 weeks.
Every day a plan and every day the plan changes into something else.
No sweat, time enough!



Australia: Ocean Grove

27 Jun

And yet another windy walk and almost wet feet…


Australia: Geelong Eastern beach

26 Jun


An even more windy walk along Geelong’s Eastern beach with great artworks; life saver bollards from Jan Mitchell.
Although these works of art might not be that useful when it comes to water-related emergencies, they certainly add bit of fun to this stretch of beach in Geelong, Victoria. The lifesaver design is just one example of the ways in which the local artist gave these bollards (made from timbers salvaged from the town’s pier) a makeover: there are 104 in total with each design representing a key character from Geelong’s past, whether it’s sailors, fishermen or members of the town band.



Australia: Point Lonsdale

25 Jun

Visiting somebodies hometown brings out the tourist in them. Nice windy walk to Point Lonsdale.


Drysdale down under

25 Jun

Made it to Kate & Justin’s.
Home sweet home for 3 weeks.
A room with a view.


BJ by sidecar

18 Jun

Great night tour by motorbike.



The old Beijing:


The new:
Opera house (aka “the Egg”)
Galaxy SOHO (aka “the Tits”, according to Nicky 🙂 )



18 Jun

9 of the about 30 selfies she made…