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Zhong Guo (China) versus NL

28 May

Some thoughts on why I have problems understanding China? Some preliminary conclusions I made:

– Think of China as a civilization NOT a nation, we Dutch/Europeans tend to think in nation terms. (Language, writing, medicine, multiple different ways to organize a state within the country, different social customs, and has been around for many centuries, the place where agriculture of land was invented).

– One thing that stands out is the strong desire for Unity among all Chinese.

– The Chinese think they are superior compared to many other countries/races, due to long history, great inventions, high standing culture, they have not colonized many surrounding countries because they thought of them as barbarians, no use of making the effort. As long as surrounding countries would recognize the Chinese superiority buy paying tribute all was fine.

– Think of China as a Race, 90% is Han, that’sโ€™ why China has difficulty understanding India as well as Tibetans as well as Uighur. They cannot image why they would oppose to be assimilated.

– Think of China as a well-run state. Where we in Europe try to limit and regulate the intrusion of government into our own lives the Chinese recognize the state as a guardian of the country that ensures itโ€™s unity and the state is being regarded as member of the family. Highly competent people like to join this apparatus and help build a perfect run state, which in many cases runs very well organized. If you look into their history Confusius already laid out the ground foundations of a well-run state while we were still hunting the bears in our swamps.

We tend to focus on democracy and do some China bashing on this topics while we forget to be curious to study why this country/civilization has been around for so long and has been on top of the food chain for centuries (one exception is this era: 1870-1990).


Mothers day

27 May

Mothers day

5 Pagodas & Little Yard

19 May

Great weekend out with our French-Italian friends Daniele, Sophie, Sacha and Matteo.
Hiking around the 5 pagoda’s and staying in their former guesthouse in a small village near the Great Wall. Laid-back 1,5 hours from Beijing; drinks, BBQ, drawing of the floor, chasing fish, rising with the sun (some of us ๐Ÿ™‚ )
Ties overcame his dog fear with cutie pie YuanYuan.
Sunday hike on the non restored parts of the Great Wall.




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Dinner with our driver

19 May

Mr Sui, has been our driver since a year, part of our family. He invited me for a dinner near his house.

We had lot’s of fun, pijiu and baijiu (beers and rice wine), insects, chicken feet and chicken head, mian tiao (noodles), some veggies. My chinese is getting better so we could exchanges some jokes and had some laughs, Good fun.

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Zoek de 10 verschillen

16 May

In ChinaDaily yesterday:
Xi stressed that the core socialist values carry the spiritual pursuit of a nation, and he urged young people to be diligent and honest and to make the core values their basic principles. Core socialist values comprise a set of moral principles summarized by central authorities as prosperity, democracy, civility, freedom, harmony, equality, justice, the rule of law, patriotism, dedication, integrity and friendship.

Amnesty International:

Worldpress freedom index

nice collection of freedom in China:

Walking the Wild Wall

12 May

And nobody but us!





20% of arable land is too polluted for agriculture, CHINA GO GREEN

9 May

20% of arable land is too polluted for agriculture, CHINA GO GREEN

The author has been living in a village where in her school years there were water streams with lotus flowers but now none. Now cancer has hit 15% of the pollulation of her village….

As a result: China cannot maintain this pollution levels since over 20% of the arable land is to polluted, 50% of all open water to dive into, so China is buying land everywhere to get food for their people. In Ukraine as much as the size of Belgium, in Argentina the size of Luxemburg, in Peru 2 mountains in Myanmar complete forests….

So please don’t buy products that say made in China to save the world!