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Aussie Silver Ball

27 Apr

Missed it last year because of a very nice last minute trip to a Hong Kong hospital with Ties. So expectations were pretty high. Food and friends were fabulous but they could have done so much better on music. Good times anyway…



Wel ‘n oranje feestje voor laten schieten. 1e Kings Night gemist, oeps!


27 Apr

Summerpalace with El.


BCIS Olympics

22 Apr

Children had sports at school

Tons of Fun


2014-04-22 013

Document 9

21 Apr

For everyone that still has a little believe China isn’t a dictatorship. The way the Communist Party says themselves: “We must reinforce our management of all types and levels of propaganda on the cultural front, perfect and carry out related administrative systems, and allow absolutely no opportunity or outlets for incorrect thinking or viewpoints to spread”.

The attached link guides you to a link to a document that gives clear guidance to crack down free press, liberal thinking and anyone opposing the Communist Party.


Chaoyang acrobats

20 Apr

Around the corner but still didn’t go to see the acrobats show. At last, after 2 years living here we took grandma with us to check it out.
Amazing! Awesome show!





20 Apr

With grandma at 798 art district.


Sunday in the park

19 Apr


Spring is in the air, the trees are blossoming, Chinese couples are feeling romantic and make their wedding pictures. (Months before they actually get married. Often in rented, bad fitting costumes and dresses.)

And 100 meters further up in the same park Luuk is in a war zone with his friends on Felix’s birthday. What happened to playing cowboys and Indians with wooden sticks…?