SAP advice after 8 days of real bad smog (10 times world health norm)

26 Feb

Advisory on Haze/Smog Situation

Dear Colleagues,

SAP gives high priority to the health of its employees and we follow both company and government policies in this regard. As you are likely well-aware, a big part of mainland China has been affected by poor air quality according to the government report. It is decided that SAP will follow the relevant policies of the local governments (i.e. Beijing, Shanghai and etc. ) of those areas affected by recent haze while the company continues to monitor the situation.

If there is need for you to work from home, please consult your direct manager.

During periods of high air pollution, people in affected areas, including those with underlying heart or lung conditions (such as bronchitis or asthma), pregnant mothers, and young children are advised to:
 Minimise time outdoors;
 Reduce physical exertion;
 Keep windows and doors closed;
 Consider using an air cleaning device;
 Use an air conditioner in ‘recirculate’ mode;
 Consider using a respirator (N95 mask or equivalent) while outdoors;
• Consult your direct manager if there is a need to work from home; and
 Consult your medical practitioner if you are feeling unwell.

Best regards,

SAP APJ Crisis Management Team

And some not-to-miss tips & tricks from our Central Park management for the residents 🙂 :

haze 1

haze 2

Room with no view…


And this is China too:
In 2 hours the pollution drops from 450 to 50. Open the windows! Back to blue!


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