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XinNianKuaiLe, MaNianKuaiLe

31 Jan

Pauke, Luuk, Maj , Ties and Max want to wish you all the best in the year of the (wooden) horse.


some experiences this new years celebration:

happy new year, happy year of the horse

LU: give a HongBao (red enveloppe) to people that do something for you
MU FU, happiness (character turned around, Fu Dao Le, Happiness has arrived)
RU: FU written by Ties

we celebrated with friends, sweet dumplings & New Zeeland champagne, baijiu, went for a walk to see fireworks (much less than last years, due to price increases and smog alerts).

Many Chinese make small fires for happiness and ancestors

Chinese play Mahjong and drink a lot during CN new year.
Afhankelijk van de plaats op de sociale ladder zorg je voor het eten en drinken en opruimen…(aangetrouwde vrouw van 2e zoon is de klos)

HongBao’s we give a money-gift to people at our reception, driver, Ayi, guards, and cleaners, some colleagues we give personalized presents. For some the Hong Bao will be a full months paycheck and others 50 or 100 Yuan. All in all serious numbers. The money has to be crisp and fresh. Most ATM’s give new notes just before new year otherwise every bank will have special exchange counter set up.

Children have to wear new cloths during celebrations. In the old days this was the only day you got something new. North China eats Dumplings the south doesn’t.


Walk the hutongs

26 Jan

Beautiful day out exploring the hutongs around Houhai lake with some fellow Dutchies.




And we thought it was a southern thing, but apparently also in Beijing: dog meat. You can buy it here. The 2 lower characters mean DOG and MEAT.



26 Jan

Everybody is leaving already for Chinese Newyear. The city is emptying. At the foot of the Great Wall lies Beijing Badaling Wildlife World. Normally a really busy spot, nobody there today. Cruising around with our car amongst Siberian en Bengal tigers, wolves, bears, lions, zebra’s but also lots local mountain animals and some very big scary dogs for Ties. Always nice to be safe in the fireproof forrest 🙂



Vastelaovend 2014

23 Jan

Just booked tickets to celebrate. March 2nd Zondag 14:00 I will be there!


21 Jan

 A great spin of CCTV. This post has also been deleted after thousands of Chinese internet users took to Weibo to express their outrage over the slanted reports, while alternative state-sponsored media outlets heaped on their own criticisms:

This is what the government had to say regarding air pollution: 

1. It unifies Chinese people.

2. It makes China more equal.

3. It raises citizen awareness.

4. Chinese people are funnier when they are contending with deadly smog.

5. The haze makes Chinese people more knowledgeable.


Air Pollution In Beijing

smog 2

It giet on!

20 Jan

Hier hoef je je geen zorgen te maken over de ijsdikte. Vanaf december is die prima.


Goed materiaal is het halve werk:
Stoeltje met glijers eronder, schroevendraaiers tot ijsprikkers omgebouwd, zwembroekje…


De Nederlandse vereniging organiseerde een schaatswedstrijdje, compleet met snert, warme chocomel en glüwein.
Max kraste mee op zijn antieke schaatsen.



20 Jan

Na het slechtste etentje ooit, met een enorm chagrijnige serveerster, beland in een leuk barretje, ergens verstopt in een hutong. Goede live muziek van wat buitenlandse “locals”.
Het chinese publiek zoals altijd gezellig met de jas aan en vastgelijmd aan hun telefoon.


庙会 miàohuì

20 Jan

The year of the horse is coming!
Let the temple fairs begin. First one at BCIS. We thought about skipping this opportunity to buy stuff we don’t need, eat to much sugar and look at cheesy performances. But Ties made us go…20140120-084938.jpg


Store opening

15 Jan

Store opening in China. Rituals for good sales, fireworks flowers, great 1st day sales2013-02-04 004

Sunny afternoon in BJ

13 Jan

Instead of shopping in the 2 overpriced malls, the locals enjoy the winter sun outside.