Chinese tourist are rude

29 Aug


You might hear many complaints on Chinese tourists. The Chinese being the new Russians. Is it true and why? I would say since i’m daily exposed to rudeness but also kindness, still the title of this blog post holds the truth.

– the tourist limited knowledge of other cultures and customs are not being briefed and think money can by me everything, which is the case in mainland China so why should it be different being abroad?
– the Party and the media do little to educate the population on different cultures, customs and norms. They strive to promote Chinese greatness and do so by providing the population with a tunnel vision outlook of the world.
It is for the same reason, all the cooking demonstration shows only teach how to cook Chinese food.
– Chinese consider themselves as ‘best race’, blacks are filthy, Spanish ladies are whores, and westerners are called barbarians and so on….
– some say what do you expect from a Total Morally Corrupt Government, Where the citizens have no earthly idea of proper behavior, and certainly no role models
– normal” and “average” person on the mainland are disgusted by their fellow countrymen tourists, because most of them seem to be either government officials or closely related to the government and happen to think they can do just about anything and get away with anything
– lets thank the great leader Mao for the Cultural Revolution, after which the people on Mainland had no trust on each other and after the ‘open door policy and economic reforms’, money remains the only thing people value and care and besides money, there is nothing left.Traditional Chinese value and virtues are abandoned or ignored. people say if you want to see the old China you need to go to Taiwan.

so let’s focus on the money they spend and forget about the rest? Even the Bijenkorf has Chinese messages I hear these days so make some money and be happy about it 🙂

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