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Amsterdam lightfestival

30 Dec


At last…

30 Dec

Nice weather!


Yin Yang polarity

23 Dec

2012-12-23 1723

As it continues on the next page: “.. idealism to cultivate the former and be rid of the latter flourishes throughout much of the world. To the traditional way of Chinese thinking, this is incomprehensible as an electric current with both the positive and negative poles, for polarity is the principle that + and -, north and south are different aspects of one and the same system, and that the disappearance of either one of them would be the disappearance of the system.”

Grateful to read this word (Thank you JAAP), it depicted my source for frustration over working in different cultural systems this year very clear. I grew up in a different more linear, aspiration for progress and growth driven system of thought. Words and meaning to light, good to win, and bright to be over appreciated over black, linear view towards history versus cyclical, dogma’s on growth, liberty and heaven in drained in daily live.

Make cultural difference not a source for frustration and see other side as part of me as well. Now find a way to study and investigate more…..

Book  ISBN 0-394-73311-8


Hollands glorie, part 2

21 Dec


Hollands glorie

21 Dec

Fog i.p.v. smog



Wei Wen

19 Dec

Wei Wen, Stability Preservation. It consumes USD 110 billion per year. It is to promote social STABILITY but actually it is money spend on attacking VPN sites, censorship, secret prisons, some social stability programs, resulting in arresting hundreds of activists and putting stringent limits on liberal discourse, leaving no free space for any. It includes both carrots and sticks (Yanda). Wei Wen seems to have been misused for land and asset claims, political games and private goals of local government officials. It is top down social management with low level of citizen participation.
Quote from Party Congress: “social management” that security forces must “put together a comprehensive and viable system to prevent [disturbances] and control social order, so that contradictions and disputes can be resolved at the embryonic stage”

The leadership’s intention is not to create a kind of civil society, but to improve the capacities of stability preservation.

“The CCP’s propaganda said there were two choices: either that democracy is chaos and bad for everyone; and the other, stability, but with high suppression. Chinese people think that state suppression is better than chaos, at least safer.”

The leadership’s intention is not to create a kind of civil society, but to improve the capacities of stability preservation.

Interesting to know: Political career based on economic kpi’s like growth and social stability, you can imagine ….

Is it real? just the other day I spoke to someone who said he know a person that became millionaire (Chinese RMB) selling algorithms for researching Weibo (Chineze facebook) and fast SDN blocking mechanisms. Since government can never do it themselves the finance these private entrepreneurs….


Má huā

17 Dec

2012-12-17 020

Dry doug wheat and some sugar, made on the street, small one man factory, cheap and good