Moon festival

28 Sep

September 30 Moon festival

In ancient times, there were ten suns circling together burning the earth. The Emperor of China commanded Houyi to shoot down nine suns and leave only one in the sky. Houyi completed the task and was rewarded a pill that granted eternal life. Houyi took the pill home and gave it to his wife, Chang E. Chang E hid it in a treasure box at her table when, unexpectedly , it was seen by Peng Meng.
One day when Houyi was not home, Peng Meng held the sword at hand and forced Chang E to hand over the pill. Knowing that she was unable to defeat Peng Meng, Chang E swallowed the pill and realized that she could fly. She couldn’t help but fly straight to the sky.
When Hou Yi returned home in the evening, he knew from the maidservants what had happened. Houyi pursued Chang E halfway across the heavens but was forced to return to the earth due to strong winds. Chang E missed her husband very much so she chose to stay
in the moon, the nearest place to the earth. She commanded the jade rabbit that lived on the moon to make another pill so that she would be able to return to the Earth. Whenever Hou Yi looked up into the night sky and called out the name of his beloved wife, he found that the moon was especially clear and bright. There was a swaying shadow on the moon as if his wife is looking down on him in the sky.

Je geeft elkaar moon cakes, ook onze klanten krijgen dozen (rode dozen) met een assortiment moon cakes. Alle winkels verkopen ze op dit moment, de vulling is niet echt zoet, dat vinden de meeste chinezen niet lekker, meestal gevuld met soort bonenpasta.

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